Daily Announcement 9 Jan 2018


ANNOUNCEMENT SHEET – Tuesday 9 January 2018


Today’s Canteen Menu

Starter:  Chicken & Rice Soup;

Main Course:  Pasta Bolognaise; Fish Fingers, Spaghetti & Roast Potatoes; Sausage Roll, Beans & Mashed Potatoes; Baked Potato & Filling

Dessert:  Iced Sponge & Custard


FILM G:  The S6 Advanced Higher Gaidhlig FilmG entry has been nominated for Best Film, Best Gaelic and Gillian Maclean has been nominated for Best Actress. 

Please go to Film G on   http://filmg.co.uk/en/films/filmg2018/winners-shortlists/youth/  and get voting!   Staff please vote for our school in all the 3 categories.  (Mrs Macmillan, Gaelic)


ART & DESIGN:   Could all the pupils and staff who ordered an Art and Design Calendar please collect and/or pay for this item from Mrs Maynard in the Art Department (today 8th January) or Wednesday (10th January).  Many thanks.  (Mrs Maynard)


KNIT N CHAT - Thursday lunchtimes in Room 35 (SfL dept). We are going to knit bonding squares for St Thomas's Hospital, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. All welcome - pupils and staff. If anyone would like to knit or crochet the bonding squares but are not able to come on a Thursday please get in touch for more details. (Mrs A Macdonald, SfL)



- National 5 Drama - Thursday after School - Miss S Macleod, Room 30 3.45 - 4.45pm;

- National 5 English - all aspects - Ms A MacDonald, Room 28, Thursday 3.45 - 4.45pm.

- Higher English - Critical Essay & Scottish Text - Ms L Sutherland, Room 33, Thursday 3.45 - 4.45pm.

- National 5 or Higher English - any aspect - own classes plus friends - days/times/focus agreed week by week - Ms S Sargent, Room 32 - pupils should check with Ms Sargent themselves.

- Own senior English classes by individual arrangement - Ms D McIntyre, Room 34, and Miss A Johnston, Room 29 - pupils should check with either Ms McIntyre or Miss Johnston themselves. (Mrs Sutherland)


ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE STUDY SUPPORT:  After school study support will begin on Thursday 11 January.  There will be two classes running and are as follows.  Monday’s (beginning 15 January) will be in Mrs Minion’s room 3.45 – 4.45 and will cover knowledge and understanding questions.  Thursday’s will be in Miss Campbell’s room 3.45 – 4.45 and will cover problem solving questions.  (J Campbell)



National 5: Mondays (Mr Macleod - Room 59) and Thursdays (Mr Gillies - Room 60)

Higher: Tuesdays and Thursdays (Dr McArthur- Room 57) 

All S4/5/6 pupils are welcome to attend. 3:45pm -4:45pm. Bus passes will be available. (A Macleod, Physics)

MATHS STUDY SUPPORT CLASSES: Classes are now running on a Tuesday at N5 (Mr MacKay - R6) and Higher (Mr Graham - R10) levels. All S4/5/6 pupils are welcome to attend. 3:45pm -4:45pm. Bus passes are available. (A Mackay, PT Maths)

N5 MUSIC REVISION:  National 5 Music revision Mondays 3.45-4.45 in Room 3. (Miss T Gordon)


RETURN OF ART & DESIGN FOLIOS FROM SQA:  Pupils who requested their folio back can collect them from Mr Rowlands. Pupils who requested their work who are studying Art & Design this year will have their work distributed via their Art & Design teacher. The following pupils had their work selected for the council offices to go on display from Dec 2017- Dec 2018, well done:

Current S5 - Tina Mackenzie Exp FS N5, Lucie Doig Des FS N5

Current S6 - Karis Macaulay Exp FS H,  Caitlin Graham Exp FS H, Tamara Zabieglinska Exp FS N5, Caitlin Mackenzie Exp Dev x 2 H

Left School - Helen Okoro Exp FS H, Koren Pickering Exp FS H, Eve Finlayson Exp FS H, Lauren Howard Exp Dev AH  (N Rowlands, PT Art )


Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Drop-in Sessions Monday & Thursday Lunchtimes:  Every Monday & Thursday lunchtimes in R17, from 1.15-1.45pm.  This is open to all DofE Participants and the sessions are to help you get registered on eDofE and help with any queries you may have about your sections or about your Award in general.  These sessions will run until the end of the term. (Mrs A Murray, DofE Co-ordinator)



09.00    Laura MacLeod           4A1

09.45    Dan MacLeod             4A1

10.50    Hannah MacLeod       4A1

11.40    Allison MacKay          4A1

12.30    Kyle Cunningham      4F1

14.00    Adam MacDonald      4A1

14.50    Innes Duncan             4F1


Wednesday 10th Jan

08:55     Innes Morrison              4M2

09:40     James Macleod                4M2

10:45     Naomi Macphail             4M2

11:35     Stewart Macleod             4M2

12:25     Sophie Morrison             4M1

13:55     Rebecca Mackinnon       4M1

14:45     Gemma Mackenzie         4M2


Thursday 11th Jan

 08:55     Anna Macaulay              4G1

09:40     Ben Robinson                   4S1

10:45     Andrew Macleod             4G1

11:35     Andrew Mackay              4G1

12:25     Sarah Mackenzie              4G1

13:55     Jack Smith                         4S1

14:45     Mary Jane Morrison        4M1




ITALY 2018:  Would all those going to Italy in June 2018 please attend an important meeting in R21 at the morning interval on Thursday 11th January.  (Mrs B Smith) 

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