Daily Announcement 5th December 2018


ANNOUNCEMENT SHEET – Wednesday 5 December 2018


Today’s Canteen Menu

Starter:  Sweet Potato & Red Pepper Soup

Main Course: Roast Chicken in Gravy with Yorkshire Pudding, Fresh Vegetable & Potatoes; Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese Bake with Potatoes; Baked Potato & Filling.

Dessert:  Eve’s Pudding & Custard


YPI ARRANGEMENTS: The Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) Final will take place TODAY on Wednesday 5th December, period 1-3.   Seven S5 group presentations have reached the final.  This will be overseen by a group of independent judges and the winning group will earn £3,000 to be spent in the community by the charity they have represented. 

S4 will provide the audience this year which will also give them an opportunity to see what is involved and become aware of the high standard expected of finalists.

S4 should register with their teachers P1 and then make their way to the Assembly Hall.   Staff should stay with their classes and ensure they are seated for a prompt start. 

Teachers who have S4 classes periods 2 and 3 are also asked to attend the Assembly Hall to supervise their classes.  It is anticipated that this event won’t run too long into period 3.  Any members of staff who are free at these times are most welcome to join us.

Apologies for the inevitable disruption and thank you for your forbearance.   The groups involved have already made a big effort giving their time to local charities including raising over £4,500!  Many thanks (Mr J Bain) 


EQUALITIES GROUP:  There will be a meeting of the pupils who put their names forward for the Equalities Group today, 5th December during period 4. This meeting will take place in the Rector’s Office.          (Dr F Murray)


ATTENTION ALL CHESS PLAYERS:  This Friday, 7 December, the library in Stornoway is running a drop-in session for chess players. Turn up any time between 2pm-5pm for a game of chess. (Mrs I Robertson)


LIBRARY MATERIALS:  Have you read your school Library book yet? Would all pupils who have any overdue items please return them this week. (Mrs C Campbell)


CANTEEN PLATES & CUTLERY:  Please return all plates and cutlery to the canteen as soon as possible. (Canteen Staff)


S1 - 4 BADMINTON competition Saturday 8th December. Anyone interested see Miss Mackenzie in PE for an entry form. (Miss Mackenzie)


SPORTS CENTRE CAFÉ:  Pupils should note that any food consumed in the Sports Centre must be purchased from the Sports Centre café.  In addition, all food should be eaten in the café and not in the changing rooms.  Changing rooms are not open to pupils out with class times.  (Mrs F Cunningham)


S2 GIRLS - CYBERFIRST GIRLS COMPETITION:  A fun way to learn about cyber security and develop your problem solving skills in a simulated real-world environment. You will work in teams of 4 to attempt a number of problem solving challenges, you will be competing against teams from all around the UK. See Mr Rigg in Room 66 for more details and to note your interest. Google Classroom Code: 38kpyf      Registration opens 10th December. Competition takes place 21 January - 28 January 2019.  (Mr C Rigg)


YOUTH CHILL OUT ZONE:  Looking for advice? Want to talk or simply want to chill out in a nice relaxing environment.  CLD and other youth agencies will be in the Chill Out Zone located opposite the 1st-4th year break out area.  Youth workers will be on hand at both break time and lunch time on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and break time on Tuesday and Thursday.  We also have a selection of snacks and refreshments.  Look forward to seeing you.  Community Learning and Development Team. (Sharon Reid)


LOST JEWELLERY ITEMS have been found and handed into the school office. If you have lost a special item of jewellery, please come to claim it as soon as possible. Thank you. (School office staff)



Today - Wednesday 5th December

SQA Room (Christine Munro)

P1 & 2 Drop In


Today  - Wednesday 5th December

Careers Interview Room (Charlie Stewart)


Thursday 6th December        

Careers Interview Room (Charlie Stewart)




S1/2 GAELIC LEARNERS ARTS & CRAFT CLUB:  Thursday lunchtimes in Room 16 (Mrs M M Kennedy)


S1 – S3 ARTS & CRAFTS CLUB Monday in Room 35, 1.15pm – 1.50pm. (Wendy Gorman)


SENIOR PUPILS DEBATING CLUB S4 - S6: Come and try formal debating on Tuesday lunchtimes, 1.25 - 1.55pm in Room 33. There will be opportunities over the course of the year for debaters to represent the school at a range of debating and speaking activities locally, regionally and nationally. It is good experience, fun, and looks great on your personal statement/CV. Come along and improve your public speaking and presentational skills, by discussing topical issues and learning to think on your feet. Any member of staff who would also like to get involved in running the club or a Junior Club, please come along too. (Ms L Sutherland, PT English - Room 33)


CHESS CLUB: Wednesday & Thursday lunchtimes, Room 19. Bring a packed lunch. (Mrs I Robertson)


ECO CLUB: Tuesday Lunchtime, Room 29 with Ms A Robitaillié. All welcome. (Ms A Robitaillié)


S1 - S6 GIRLS RUGBY LUNCH CLUB takes place on Mondays at 1.25pm. (Mrs Gordon)


S1 – S3 GAMES CLUB Tuesdays in Room 36, 1.15pm – 1.50pm. (Wendy Gorman)


S1 - S3 WEDNESDAY WELL-BEING CLUB - Health, beauty, relaxation, fun exercise etc. 1.30pm – 1.50pm. Meet in room 35. (Wendy Gorman)


S1 - S3 BOOK CLUB: Monday 1:20pm - 1:50pm Room 34. (Mrs MacIntyre)


S4-6 LUNCHTIME CATCH-UP: Wednesday 1:20pm - 1:50pm Room 34. (Mrs MacIntyre)


KARAOKE CLUB: Wednesday Lunchtime. (Mrs Fish)


KNIT & CHAT:  Thursday lunchtime in Room 35. (Mrs Alison Macdonald)


LUNCHTIME WORDS CLUB - open to all (adults too), Thursday, 1.20 - 1.50pm. If you would like a quiet corner away from the busy melee and enjoy words and playing board games, come along to Room 33, English Department, and join Ms Sutherland for wordy board games such as Scrabble, Bananagrams, Wordsearch, Word Snap, Scattergories, Articulate, Balderdash, and so on. Or you can come and quietly try your hand at a crossword or wordsearch, or creating wordles, or just reading a book if you prefer an individual activity. (Ms L Sutherland, PT English)




DofE DROP IN SESSIONS AT LUNCHTIME IN R17 for Bronze participants on Mondays and for Silver and Gold participants on Tuesdays. Please come along to complete your eDofE sections.




GAELIC STUDDY SUPPORT class will run on Tuesdays 3.45 – 4.45pm in room 16. This is open to all National 5 and Higher Gaelic pupils. All welcome. (Mrs M M Kennedy)


N5 BIOLOGY CLUB:  Tuesday after school. (Mrs L Minion)


CEIILIDH BAND: Thursday 3.40pm - 4.45pm. (Mrs Fish)


S1 BOYS FOOTBALL:  Thursdays after school. (Mr K Smith, Gaelic)


S2 BOYS FOOTBALL:  Thursdays after school. (Miss L Mackenzie, PE)


S1-S6 LEGO CLUB: Tuesdays 3.35pm – 4.35pm in Room 35. (Wendy Gorman) 


BASKETBALL CLUB: Thursdays 3.35pm – 5pm. (E Rogers)


SHINTY: Friday 2 - 3pm on Astro. (Mr I Sinclair)


WIND & BRASS BAND: Tuesday 3.45pm - 5.30pm (Mr Woods)


BADMINTON:  Tuesday 3.45-4.45pm at the Sports Centre.  Bus passes available.  (Miss L Mackenzie, PE)


NAT 5 MATHS:  Study Support every Tuesday 3.15-4.45 in Room 11 (E Mackay, Maths)


GAELIC STUDY SUPPORT class will run on Tuesdays 3.45 – 4.45pm in room 16. This is open to all National 5 and Higher Gaelic pupils. All welcome. (Mrs M M Kennedy)



BATTLE OF THE BANDS 2018:  EVERY FRIDAY 1.30pm to 2.30pm in Pointers. Instruments (Guitars, Ukuleles, Cajon, drums) and practice space available for FREE until 4.30pm for groups to meet and play. Ask for Sinead in Pointers and private message on Battle of the Bands Western Isles Facebook page for more information. (Mrs S MacKay)


FREE FILMS ON FRIDAY takes place in the Community Room, An Lanntair at 2pm. Come along during term times and watch film that you choose in a relaxed environment. A great way to spend Friday afternoon. Films are free but tickets are limited. Please collect tickets from the box office. Screenings are for Secondary pupils only. (Mr J Mahony, An Lanntair)

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