Daily Announcement 12th February 2019


ANNOUNCEMENT SHEET – Tuesday 12 February 2019


Today’s Canteen Menu

Starter:  Carrot & Coriander Soup

Main Course: Macaroni, Beans & Chips; Steak Mince, Veg & Potatoes; Fishcakes, Carrots & Chips; Baked Potato & Filling; Sausage Roll, Spaghetti & Chips

Dessert:  Iced Sponge & Custard



The Sutton Trust Summer School is held each year at the University of St Andrews to give pupils in S5 the chance to experience a week in the life of a university student.  The residential week includes study within academic areas of interest, social activities and advice on UCAS.  The week is FREE of charge and pupils are only required to bring spending money for personal use.

Applications are now open and any interested S4/5 pupils should contact their guidance teacher for details on how to apply. (Mrs M Anderson, Guidance Dept)



SHOWCASE: The LAST showcase is on February 15th at 7pm in Pointers. Performers for the final will be picked at this showcase.

MEETINGSBattle of the Bands Meetings are in Pointers 2.30pm - 3pm Every Friday in Term time.

Please come along if you wish to perform or help with the organising.

CHARITY: Battle of the Bands always supports a charity each year and are happy to be approached by any group that wants to use the BOTB Final as an opportunity to raise money for their charity.

CONTACT: Call/Text Sinead @ 07920722198 or PM Battle of the Bands (Western Isles) facebook page or join us @Pointers on Friday afternoons. 

*** Meeting this Friday during Term Time at 2.30pm in Pointers.

SAVE THE DATE FOR THE FINAL: This will take place in the TOWNHALL - FRIDAY 29th March 2019

(Mrs S MacKay)





YOUTH CHILL OUT ZONE:  Looking for advice? Want to talk or simply want to chill out in a nice relaxing environment.  CLD and other youth agencies will be in the Chill Out Zone located opposite the 1st - 4th year break out area.  Youth workers will be on hand at both break time and lunch time on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and break time on Tuesday and Thursday.  We also have a selection of snacks and refreshments.  Look forward to seeing you.  Community Learning and Development Team. (Sharon Reid)


S1/2 GAELIC LEARNERS ARTS & CRAFT CLUB:  Thursday lunchtimes in Room 16 (Mrs M M Kennedy)


S1 – S3 ARTS & CRAFTS CLUB Monday in Room 35, 1.15pm – 1.50pm. (Wendy Gorman)


CHESS CLUB: Wednesday & Thursday lunchtimes, Room 19. Bring a packed lunch. (Mrs I Robertson)


S1 - S6 GIRLS RUGBY LUNCH CLUB takes place on Mondays at 1.25pm. (Mrs Gordon)


S1 – S3 GAMES CLUB Tuesdays in Room 36, 1.15pm – 1.50pm. (Wendy Gorman)


S1 - S3 WEDNESDAY GET OUTSIDE CLUB - If the weather is good, we head outside for a walk, a play in the school garden or play games like Frisbee, 'Capture the Flag', Shark Attack etc.  Bring your own ideas for outdoor activities too. 1.30pm – 1.50pm. Meet in Junior Break Out area. (Wendy Gorman)


S1 - S3 BOOK CLUB: Monday 1:20pm - 1:50pm Room 34. (Mrs MacIntyre)


S4-6 LUNCHTIME CATCH-UP: Wednesday 1:20pm - 1:50pm Room 34. (Mrs MacIntyre)


KARAOKE CLUB: Wednesday Lunchtime. (Mrs Fish)


KNIT & CHAT:  Thursday lunchtime in Room 35. (Mrs Alison Macdonald)


LUNCHTIME WORDS CLUB - open to all (adults too), Thursday, 1.20 - 1.50pm. If you would like a quiet corner away from the busy melee and enjoy words and playing board games, come along to Room 33, English Department, and join Ms Sutherland for wordy board games such as Scrabble, Bananagrams, Wordsearch, Word Snap, Scattergories, Articulate, Balderdash, and so on. Or you can come and quietly try your hand at a crossword or wordsearch, or creating wordles, or just reading a book if you prefer an individual activity. (Ms L Sutherland, PT English)


STREET DANCE Tuesday lunchtime.




ANIME CLUB meets afterschool on Thursdays 3.35pm – 4.45pm in Rm 65 for S1 - S6.  Films, drawing, books all based around Anime.  Anime is hand-drawn and computer animation originating from or associated with Japan. (Wendy Gorman)


HIGHER MATHS every Wednesday in R6. (Mr A MacKay)


S1 - S3 STUDY CLUB on Monday afterschool from 15:35 - 16:45, in room 65.  Need a quiet space to catch up on homework or study?  This is the club for you.  New laptops are available to use during the club. See Wendy, Pupil Mentor if you want more details. (W Gorman)


CODING CLUB:  S1-S6:  Hey you! Yes you!  Do you like computers but know nothing about them?  Do you like video games but do not know how to make one?  Do you sort of know how to make a website?  Then the coding club is the way to go! Thursdays 3.35 – 4.25.  Room 9.  (C Macleod, Coding Club)


GYMNASTICS will resume on Wednesday 13th February after school (E Mackay)


N5 BIOLOGY CLUB:  Tuesday after school. (Mrs L Minion)


CEIILIDH BAND: Thursday 3.40pm - 4.45pm. (Mrs Fish)


S1 BOYS FOOTBALL:  Thursdays after school. (Mr K Smith, Gaelic)


S2 BOYS FOOTBALL:  Thursdays after school. (Miss L Mackenzie, PE)


S1-S6 LEGO CLUB: Tuesdays 3.35pm – 4.35pm in Room 35. (Wendy Gorman) 


BASKETBALL CLUB: Thursdays 3.35pm – 5pm. (E Rogers)


SHINTY: Friday 2 - 3pm on Astro. (Mr I Sinclair)


WIND & BRASS BAND: Tuesday 3.45pm - 5.30pm (Mr Woods)


BADMINTON:  Tuesday 3.45-4.45pm at the Sports Centre.  Bus passes available.  (Miss L Mackenzie, PE)


NAT 5 MATHS:  Study Support every Tuesday 3.15-4.45 in Room 11 (E Mackay, Maths)


GAELIC STUDY SUPPORT class will run on Tuesdays 3.45 – 4.45pm in room 16. This is open to all National 5 and Higher Gaelic pupils. All welcome. (Mrs M M Kennedy)


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