Senior Management
Article Index
Senior Management
Dr F Murray
Ms Anne Young

Dr Frances Murray Rector

Build Community
Sutherland House duties (discipline; registration; meetings; SATS)
Advisor to Parent Council
Care and Welfare of staff and students
Liaison with Local Authority and other schools
Liaison with students, parents and community
Overall responsibility for discipline

Lead Change and Improvement

School and Departmental review
Whole School Quality Assurance

Lead and Develop People

Faculty/departmental links (Business Studies; Computing Studies; Home Economics; 
Technical Education)
Overall responsibility for staffing
Recruitment and Staffing Appointments
Support Staff Overview

Lead and Manage Learning and Teaching

Development Planning (short and long term)
Overall management school and policy development
Overall responsibility for curriculum
Statutory requirements of education acts

Use Resources Effectively

Accommodation including building refurbishment and maintenance
Devolved School Management
Finance including Capitation and Development Fund

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