Prelim Timetable Update Notice

Dear Parent/Carer,

Prelim Timetable- Adjustments as result of School Closure

An updated Prelim Timetable will be posted on the school website and Face Book Page later this morning. Paper copies will also be available from the School Office tomorrow.

Please destroy copies of the previous timetable to avoid any confusion.

As will be seen, the exams which should have taken place today (Monday 13th) will now take place tomorrow (Tuesday 14th). This will be the case throughout the prelim exam diet, with the exception of Thursday afternoon exams which will move to Monday afternoons in both weeks.

There will be an extra day added at the end of the exam schedule to accommodate these changes.

Whilst it is inevitable that weather can always have an adverse effect on any plans, it is our priority in this situation to ensure as little disruption to pupils as possible. Keeping to the original order of the timetable as far as we can is the fairest way to support pupils who will be revising to a planned schedule.

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