Art & Design

Introduction to the Department

We live in a fast moving, exciting, visual world where we are exposed to new images, products and fashions on a daily basis. Everything we are exposed to whether 2 or 3 dimensional has been created by designers and/or artists. The possibilities for being imaginative and creative are endless, and increasing.

The study of the Art & Design Courses will be broad, varied and challenge your own perceptions and thinking. You will increase your knowledge and appreciation in this area as well as developing skills, many of which will be transferable.

Practical and handling skills will be developed along with problem solving, presentation and creative thinking skills. Your visual awareness will be heightened along with your ability to critically analyse creative work.

Independent thinking, research and learning will also play a major role in the Courses. You will have the opportunity to make personal choices and select projects that interest you along with artists and designers work. Information technology is also extensively used within in the Courses.

To view examples of pupils' coursework, click here.

Courses offered in the Department

S1/2 - Art and Design (CfE Levels)
S3/4 - National 3, 4 & 5 Art and Design
S5/6 – National 4 & 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Art and Design.

There is also a possible option to take Folio Art and Design in any column as an extra subject but this is self directed and must be discussed with the PT.

Higher Education and Careers

Art and Design is vital preparation for creative Courses/careers in any of the following areas: Portfolio preparation Courses for creative HNC/HND/Degree Courses.

Fine Art - Drawing and Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Environmental/Public Art.

Design - Product, Fashion, Textiles, Interior, Jewellery, Ceramics, Theatre.

Areas of multi-media - Graphic Design, Illustration, Web-Design, Computer Game Design, Animation, Interactive Media Design, Video work, Photography Architecture (Art and Design is recommended for the majority of Courses in this area), Town Planning.

Product Design, Engineering.

Teaching - Art and Design Secondary Education, Primary Education. Art & Design History, Gallery/Exhibition work.

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