ICT Faculty


This Faculty consists of Senior Phase Administration, Business Management and Computing Science as well as S1-S3 BGE.



All pupils will have one period a week of ICT which consists of a combination of learning / developing their ICT skills using Microsoft packages such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, publisher and powerpoint.  Pupils will also learn about internet safety and coding.


All pupils visit the department once a week and are on a rota basis.  They usually spend half the term with Business Studies and half with Computing Science.  This allow pupils the opportunity to get a taste for what these subjects are like in order to help them make an informed choice for S3.

In S2 Business Studies pupils will work through Welcome to Business; they will run an imaginary café and use their ICT skills to work through business related tasks and themes such as marketing, Fairtrade and finance.

In S2 Computing Science pupils will develop a range of problem solving skills. They will do this by designing and building websites, animations and apps, and by learning to create programs in a range of programming languages.


In S3 we offer the following subjects: Administration, Business Management and Computing Science.

In S3 Administration the course makes an important contribution to general education through developing a range of essential skills which will stand learners in good stead regardless of the career path they ultimately choose. Its contribution to vocational education is just as significant because it opens up progression to a range of careers in administration and IT.

In S3 Business pupils will gain:

  • knowledge and understanding of business concepts in a range of contexts
  • awareness of the processes and procedures businesses use to ensure customers’ needs are met
  • enterprising skills, and adopt enterprising attributes, by participating in practical activities in realistic business situations
  • financial awareness through a business context
  • an insight into the impact of the economy on businesses and our daily lives, thus gaining economic awareness

In S3 Computing Science pupils will further develop their problem solving skills and gain experience creating solutions in the 4 topics covered in the National 5 course: Computer Systems, Software Design and Development, Database Design and Development and Web Design and Development. There are opportunities for completing team projects and making use of a wide range of different computer hardware and software.


Administration and IT

We offer this subject at National 4 – Higher level.

The aim of this course is to:

  • develop a basic understanding of administration in the workplace and key legislation affecting employees;
  • to develop an appreciation of good customer care
  • to develop IT skills and use them to perform administrative tasks

Business Management

We offer this subject at National 4 – Higher level.

The course consists of 3 units:

  • Understanding Business

Learners will extend their understanding of the ways in which organisations in the private, public and third sectors operate.

  • Management of People and Finance

Learners will develop skills and knowledge that will deepen their understanding and critical awareness of the issues facing organisations in the management of people and finance.

  • Management of Marketing and Operations

Learners will extend their knowledge of the importance to organisations of having effective marketing and operations systems.

Computing Science

We offer this subject at National 4 – Advanced Higher level.

The aim of this course is to:

  • apply computational-thinking skills across a range of contemporary contexts
  • apply knowledge and understanding of key concepts and processes in computing science
  • apply skills and knowledge in analysis, design, implementation, testing and evaluation to a range of digital solutions
  • communicate computing concepts and explain computational behaviour clearly and concisely using appropriate terminology
  • develop an understanding of the role and impact of computing science in changing and influencing our environment and society


Each class teacher has made sure all pupils in the Business Studies and Computing Science Faculty have been set up with either Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams.

Teachers use Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams for lessons or to store resources / post dates of homework and tests so all pupils can access this information- whether they are off school isolating, are unwell or are off for any other reason.



Mrs M Beattie

Google Classroom

Miss C Campbell

Google Classroom

Mr C Rigg

Google Classroom 

Mrs A Macleod

Microsoft Teams

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