Modern Studies

Introduction to the Department

Modern Studies deals with political, social and international issues in the contemporary world. All S1 & S2 students study Modern Studies. The subject is taught through Gaelic for Gaelic Medium students in S1-4. S5 & 6 students have the option of studying Higher Modern Studies.

Courses Offered in the Department

S1&S2 Modern Studies

S3 Nuadh-eòlas (Modern Studies) Gaelic Version

S3 Nuadh-eòlas (Modern Studies) English Version

S3 Modern Studies Course

Cùrsa AS3 Nuadh-Eòlas 

Nuadh-Eòlas N4/5 (English)

Nuadh-Eòlas N4/5 (Gaelic)
Higher Modern Studies

Higher Education and Careers

Modern Studies is regarded as a good course by all universities, it is of particular interest to those intending to study Social Science, Politics, International Relations or Law.

Useful Websites

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