Introduction to the Department

The aim of the science faculty is to provide teaching and learning of the highest quality, in a challenging, stimulating and safe environment. The science faculty consists of the Biology, Chemistry and Physics departments.  

As well as providing science courses in S1 and S2, the science faculty offers courses from S3 to S6 at National 4, National 5, Intermediate 2, Higher and Advanced Higher grades. 


Chemistry provides excellent knowledge of the physical and natural environment. Pupils study a wide range of chemical reactions and learn to identify the importance of such reactions in everyday life.

Higher Chemistry supported study runs every Monday in Rm56

National 5 Chemistry supported study every Wednesday in Rm 56 with Mrs Macmillan Shaw.


Biology has as its basis the study of living organisms, their interactions and their relationships with the environment. Biology helps us to understand the processes that happen in the world around us. 


Physics has as its basis the understanding of the physical environment. Physics involves the study of many things e.g. space, health physics, forces and many more.

Links (Women Into Science and Engineering)

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