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Bullying is an activity designed to cause needless distress to others and is not tolerated in The Nicolson Institute. Members of staff are always vigilant in attempting to detect any case of bullying. Pupils may be reluctant to pass on information to teachers about the unacceptable behaviour of some of their classmates. Parents are urged to inform the School immediately if they become aware of any incidents of bullying. The child should be encouraged to discuss any worries or problems of this nature with the guidance teacher or any other member of staff who will deal with the matter with discretion.

Parents should keep a written record of any incidents including the date, the child(ren) involved, and what happened. This will help the school to deal with the situation and agree the best way to support the child inside and outside the school.
• Each pupil meets in a Guidance group with a member of the Guidance Staff for an hour per week. Where possible, pupils remain with the same Guidance Group and teacher throughout their school career.
• Incidents of anti-social or distressing behaviour come to light from time to time and these are dealt with by the appropriate Depute Rector with the assistance and involvement of other staff.
• Relations between victims and perpetrators are clarified and lines of conduct for the future are laid down.
• Parents are included in the process of resolving situations in which distress has been caused by bullying.
• A copy of the school’s Anti Bullying Policy is in the pupil’s personal organiser/homework diary.
* Cyber bullying has become an increasing concern in recent years. The school will work with the Police where appropriate in such instances.” 

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