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The school day starts with registration when a pupil will be marked present or absent. Throughout the day teachers keep a check on the attendance of pupils at each of their classes. When a pupil arrives late for school s/he must go to the school office to register and then report to Mr A MacLennan before attending class.


The Nicolson Institute uses an automated messaging system called Groupcall, to alert parents/guardians when their child has not registered in school. These messages are sent out every morning at 9.30am by text to parents’ mobiles. To ensure that we can contact parents in the most appropriate way please make sure the school office has the correct contact numbers. Groupcall will also be used to send out other messages relating to groups of pupils involved in specific activities.

Pupil Absence

If pupils cannot attend school because of illness or other circumstances parents should contact the school on 01851 707000. Failing that, they should provide a written explanation of the absence on the child’s first day back at school. It is also useful if a note can be sent to the school explaining a long term absence in advance of the pupil’s return to school in order to support the pupil appropriately. Parents must put all requests for leave of absence to the Rector in writing giving full information on the exact date, time and reason for the absence. Where possible, requests for absence should be submitted at least one week in advance of the proposed date(s). As part of a national move to reduce disruption of classes, holidays during the school term will not be approved except in special circumstances.

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