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Code of Conduct

School Rules

All pupils of The Nicolson Institute are expected to maintain a high standard of conduct both in and out of school, and to show respect and courtesy towards fellow pupils, staff and members of the public. Not all aspects of school life can be covered by written rules; the following represent the minimum necessary for the efficient running of the school and the safety of its pupils and staff. These rules must be supplemented by common sense and a spirit of intelligent co-operation. Please note that school rules apply in school, going to and coming from school, and participating in school trips and other extra-curricular activities. Pupils must be familiar with all these rules: ignorance of them is not an acceptable excuse.

1. Road Safety

a) If you walk to school, take care when crossing roads. It is especially important at the Smith Avenue/Springfield Road junction at the start and end of the school day.
b) If you travel by bus, take particular care in the school bus-park where several buses may be manoeuvring in the morning and at close of school. In the interests of safety, use the pavements; do not hang around waiting for friends; and remember that running around and horse-play are forbidden at all times.
c) When crossing playgrounds and walking between buildings, look out for cars and other vehicles. Keep well away from construction areas and contractors’ vehicles during building operations.
d) Senior pupils who wish to bring a car to school must apply for permission to the Depute Rector, complete the appropriate form which must be signed by a parent, and strictly obey the conditions attached. Pupils must not bring cars on to the school campus.

2. Movement

a) The general rule on stairs and in corridors is keep to the right.
b) Running in corridors is strictly forbidden.
c) At period changeovers, move briskly to your next class by the shortest route.
d) It is good manners to hold fire doors open for the person following you.
e) Pupils must remain downstairs during the morning interval and lunch hour unless going to the school library, or an official meeting.
f) Special instructions on movement posted in buildings must be obeyed.

3. Attendance Procedures

a) If you have been absent from school (including for part of a day) you must bring a note of explanation from your parent or guardian to your Register Teacher immediately on your return to school. In S6 you may self-certify by writing your own note.
b) If you arrive late for school you must register at the school office and then report to Mr A MacLennan before attending class.
c) If you require permission to be absent from school for family reasons, interviews, etc. you must bring a letter to your registration teacher who will forward it to the Rector. If the absence is authorised, it will be recorded as a Notified Absence.
d) If you require permission to attend an appointment (e.g. at the doctor) during the school day, you must Collect an Appointment Permission Slip from your register teacher, have it signed according to the instructions on the back, and return it the following day.

4. Personal Belongings

It is strongly recommended that all articles of clothing, especially school hoodies, sweatshirts and polo-shirts, be marked with your name. Valuable items should not normally be brought to school. When you need to bring them, they should be left in the School Office for safe keeping. Never leave valuables or money unattended in a classroom, changing room, social area or any other part of the school. You must never interfere with another pupil’s books, clothing or possessions.

5. Litter

All litter, used sweet wrappers, crisp packets, drink containers etc. must be deposited in the bins provided. The consumption of food and drink (including sweets and crisps) is not permitted in any carpeted area of the school.

6. Chewing Gum

Because of the mess it can cause on pavements and steps, and on carpets and furniture inside the buildings, chewing gum must not be brought to school.

7. Smoking

In line with Council policy and Health and Safety legislation, smoking is strictly forbidden. Being in possession of smoking materials, or in the company of smokers, will be regarded as a breach of this rule.

8. Snowballing

Pupils have been injured by snowballs, and therefore throwing snowballs is not allowed on school premises (including the bus park and Springfield Road).

9. Fireworks

Fireworks are not permitted on school premises.

10. Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must not be used in classrooms. The use of mobile equipment to record or photocopy in class is strictly forbidden.

11. Electronic Equipment

Electronic equipment such as ipods, etc. must not be used in class.

12. General

• You must respect and obey the instructions of all staff, including janitors, office staff, auxiliaries, technicians, the librarian and canteen staff.
• You must respect the rights of fellow pupils. Aggressive behaviour of any kind – pushing, name-calling, swearing, spitting – has no place in a civilised society and will not be tolerated.
• Additional day to day instructions will be intimated on the daily announcement sheet, or on school notice boards, as required. You must ensure that you check notice-boards daily, and read the daily announcements which are posted around the school.
• If a pupil is not fit to participate in a PE lesson, parents/guardians should provide the pupil with a note.

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