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Home Study

Aims of Home Study

Home study is an established part of secondary school practice. It can make a meaningful contribution to pupils’ learning experiences through reinforcement or review of classroom learning. It can also help promote good home-school links through making parents aware of the nature of the work done by their children in the classroom.

  • The purposes of a good quality homework programme are:
  • To reinforce pupils’ learning and consolidate work done in class
  • To prepare for future class work or assessments
  • To extend and enrich the work done in school
  • To provide opportunities for individual learning
  • To encourage pupils to develop responsibility for their own learning and good study habits
  • To encourage pupils to develop self-discipline and adopt a conscientious attitude to work.

Forms of Home Study

Homework may involve:

  • General Reading
  • Revision of work done in class
  • Reading and preparation of material for future lessons
  • Written exercises- set by the teacher to consolidate work done in class
  • Finding out information from reference books or other sources

Frequency of Home Study

It is not possible or desirable to set prescribed limits. The following is simply a rough guide to what, on average, is expected.

  • S1/ S2 - approximately 3 hours per week
  • S3/ S4 - a minimum of I hour per week for each Standard Grade subject.
  • S5/ S6 - pupils in S5/S6 should expect a minimum of 2 hours per week per subject i.e. approximately 10 hours per week.
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