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Complaints Procedures

Parents and schools separately can do a great deal to assist children’s educational development. Together they can achieve even more. The Nicolson Institute will keep parents informed of all relevant matters and will seek to maintain a high standard of care and education in the school.
However, if parents are not satisfied on any issue, the following mechanism for expressing concerns is available.

• Speak to a member of the Senior Management Team about your concerns.
• The Rector or Depute Rector will listen and will welcome any information you may have.
• In some cases your concerns can be dealt with immediately. In other cases more extensive investigations may have to be carried out.
• In the event, the Rector will notify you, normally within five working days, of the school’s response.
• Your concern may be written down by yourself, by a member of the school staff, or a friend or relative, on your behalf.
• It is anticipated that, in most cases, the above steps will result in a satisfactory solution for all concerned.
• If you are dissatisfied with the school’s response please notify the Rector that you wish to pursue the matter further. She will either review the proposed action or notify you of the appropriate officer of the Education Authority whom you should contact.
• In all cases unresolved matters may be finally referred to the Chief Executive.

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