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P7 Induction Programme

Primary-Secondary Liaison

The following is a list of the steps we take to help Primary 7 pupils look forward to their transition to secondary with less trepidation, and to assist them to adjust quickly to the different routines in Secondary.


Enrolment packs distributed. Pupil data transferred electronically.


Additional Support Needs data received from Primary school.


CAT tests administered to all P7 pupils. May Pupils in receipt of Additional Support visit the Secondary Support Department in a staged manner. A Depute Rector visits our associated primary schools to meet the P7 class. Where specifically requested through the Primary School, the Depute Rector meets with parents at primary schools.

Teaching sets are devised taking note of Gaelic fluency, language choice, CAT scores etc.

A PT Guidance will visit each Primary school and meet with P7 pupils to talk about the school visit, the school day, buses, life in S1 and generally allay any fears there may be. Leaflets distributed:

• “An Introduction to the School.”

• “Photograph Policy.”

• “Induction Days.”


All P7 pupils enrolling from associated primary schools are invited to a programme of induction to the secondary school. A number of varied activities are arranged with the assistance of prefects. Lunch is provided in the Cafeteria, and uniforms issued.Visits by parents to the school can be arranged by request. Pupil Personal Records (PPRs) are received and processed by Guidance staff.


S1 classes are allocated S6 buddies. New pupils are escorted for the first week by buddies and prefects. Assemblies deal with specific topics to help pupils settle in.


An Open Parents’ Evening is held to discuss such matters as the curriculum, personal and social education and opportunities offered by the school for involvement in extra-curricular activities.

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