School Catering Options

The Nicolson Institute offers 4 outlets serving a variety of fresh and nutritious hot and cold meals, snacks and drinks. All are open to all pupils, S1–S6.

Our largest outlet ‘The Hub’ based in the main building, offers a two course meal for £1.90. These balanced meals include a selection of hot soups, freshly made hot and cold main courses and a large range of puddings and home baking.

Our two smaller outlets are ‘Nice Bites’, located in the main building, and ‘Grab ‘n’ Go Bar’ served from The Springfield North courtyard. On offer are fresh sandwiches, paninis, wraps and fruit. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are sold here and healthy drinks are also available.

To give the pupils even more choice, our new service outlet ‘The Kabin’ has recently opened. ‘The Kabin’ is located near the school bus stop and offers pupils a relaxed atmosphere and a comfy seat. The same high quality food as the main building outlets is available here. There is also space for pupils who prefer a packed lunch to sit. At the moment only cash can be accept in this outlet.
‘The Hub’ and ‘Nice Bites’ are also open at morning interval serving an assortment of snacks.

The school uses a "cashless catering" system for all purchases at the canteen - pupils register for an account at the school office and can have their fingerprint scanned or use a card or PIN to identify themselves. Pupil accounts are topped up online using the ParentPay website or at any PayPoint outlet.

If a pupil is entitled to free school meals (see here to confirm eligibility) then their cashless catering card will automatically be topped up by £1.90 for that day's meal.

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