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School Curriculum

S1 to S3

In S1 to S3 all students follow a broad general education which involves covering CfE Levels 2 and 3 through studies in: English, Mathematics, Science, Languages - Gaelic/Gaidhlig, French or Latin, Geography, History, Art, Music Technical, Home Economics, Physical Education, Religious Education with inter-disciplinary learning and a range of Electives. Pupils may also opt into the School of Rugby.

For students who are Gaelic speakers, we continue the development of their competency by creating classes of fluent Gaelic Speakers in a range of subjects. This opens up opportunities for use of Gaelic in the classroom ranging from simple commands to full delivery of lessons.

S4 to S6

Subject Choices
Once pupils have completed Level 3 CfE experiences and outcomes, they begin work on courses which are designed to cover some aspects of Level 4 CfE experiences and outcomes as well as addressing the SQA requirements for National 4 and 5. S3 and S4 pupils take a maximum of eight courses. Courses are National Qualifications at Access, Intermediate or Standard Grade level and are certificated by SQA. A full listing of courses can be found in the Options Booklet.

Subjects studied should normally include:

• English
• Mathematics
• Creative or Aesthetic subjects - Art and Design, Music, Physical Education
• Sciences - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science; Languages- French, Gaidhlig/Gaelic, Latin, German; Social Sciences- Geography, History, Religious and Moral Studies
• Technological subjects - Accounting, Administration, Business Management, Computing, Home Economics, Craft and Design, Graphic Communication, Technological Studies

The school is increasing the range of vocationally based courses on offer to pupils both on The Nicolson campus and through links with Lews Castle College.

Core Subjects
In addition to the main courses all students will take core PE, core RE and PSE (Personal and Social Education).

S5 and S6 pupils choose a range of subjects to study at different levels. In S5 pupils take five full courses, to each of which is devoted five hours a week.

Subjects may be offered at National 4 or 5, Higher or Advanced Higher level depending on demand. A full list can be found within the Options Booklet.

These courses include:

• English
• Mathematics
• Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics
• Language - French, Spanish, Latin, Gaelic/Gaidhlig
• Creative and Aesthetic Subjects - Art and Design, Music, Media Studies, Physical Education
• Social Subjects - Geography, History, Modern Studies, Classical Studies, Religious Moral and Philosophical Studies
• Technological Subjects - Administration, Business Management, Computing, Information Systems, Home Economics, Practical Cookery, Fashion and Textile Technology, Craft and Design, Graphic Communication, Technological Studies, Product Design, Practical Woodwork Skills, Engineering Craft Skills, Energy Skills for Work

Links with the Lews Castle College give pupils access to courses such as Intermediate 2 and Higher Care.

A complete visual representation of school curriculum structure from the ages of 3 to 18 is available as a pdf here.

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