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School Uniform

For some years we have been promoting the wearing, by pupils, of school uniform, i.e. pupils dressing in such a way as to be clearly seen as belonging to The Nicolson Institute Community. Pupils must at all times be dressed smartly.

Pupils at all stages have the option of wearing the traditional uniform of:

• Black badged blazer
• White shirt and school tie
• Grey or black trousers or skirt
• Black shoes

or the “smart casual” alternative of:

• School sweatshirt/hoody
• (S1/2 – Royal blue; S3/4/5/6 – Navy Blue)
• and/or school polo-shirt (white)
• Grey or black trousers or skirt
• Black shoes

For formal occasions (e.g. prizegiving) the traditional uniform should be worn. For daily use the sweatshirt/hoody and/or polo-shirt is normally worn by 90% of students: these are obtainable directly from the school at a cost of £14.00 for sweatshirts, £10.00 for hoodies and £8.00 for polo-shirts. All sizes from 30” to 48” are normally in stock.

All pupils are encouraged to wear a blazer, shirt and tie. Black badged blazers at a cost of £30 and black blazers with gold braiding for prefects at a cost of £35 are obtainable directly from the school. School ties (black and gold stripes) are available from the school and various local outfitters.

Among items of dress which are unacceptable in school are:

Football scarves and tops, and other partisan clothes; any tops bearing suggestive or offensive motifs or slogans; chains; headgear; and any clothing or accessories which may be considered immodest or offensive. Facial jewellery must not be worn to school for health and safety reasons.

For PE lessons, a separate kit (top, shorts and trainers) must be provided. Tee-shirts in house colours are compulsory for new pupils in S1 and can be purchased from the school office at a cost of £6.

Football tops and shorts MUST NOT be worn.

Uniform order forms available online - S1-S3 order form and the S4-S6 order form

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